Celebrex online information

The pharmacokinetic parameters of the medicines may differ in different groups of patients. Patients usually are divided into several groups including: normal patients, geriatric, pediatric patients, pregnant women, patients with kidney or liver dysfunction and others.

couplePatients who are older than 60-65 years of age are considered to be geriatric. Such patients may have decreased ability to absorb, distribute, alter and eliminate the medicine which they use.

Celecoxib treatment in patients who are older than 60-65 years of age should be initiated with the lowest possible effective dose of the medicine. In geriatric patients the plasma level of the medicine is significantly higher than in normal patients. Patients who are over 65 years of age and weigh less than 50 kg should be carefully monitored while Celebrex treatment.

Patients who are younger than 16-18 years of age are considered pediatric. Such patients may be prescribed Celecoxib from the age of 2 years. The dose of the medicine is individually adjusted. It depends on the body weight of a patient and his general health condition.

The dose for pediatric patients who weigh from 12 to 25 kg is 50 to 100 mg of Celecoxib. It can be corrected if necessary by a doctor.celcoxib

So, the use of the medicine for different conditions should be regulated only by a medical professional or pharmacist. It is necessary to understand that such factors as age, general health and usage of other medicines may alter the action of the medicine you use or add some other effects including negative and unwanted.

To avoid any complications, be careful while using Celecoxib. Do not neglect your doctor’s advice and recommendations of use. Be attentive to your health condition during the treatment.

If necessary apply to your doctor for help and instructions. You can also get more information on the label available with the medicine or online in resources devoted to Celecoxib.